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This time we took a Suzuki Mehran 2006 for review.


Suzuki Mehran (CA71) is the second generation of Suzuki Alto powered by a 796cc 3 cylinder engine. Internationally this car was offered from 1988 to 1993 but it is being assembled in Pakistan for the last 29 years (1989 – present). The car has been a middle class Pakistan’s first choice due to its easily accessible and cheap spare parts and economical maintenance.

Pak Suzuki did try to glamorized Mehran every few years by doing some cosmetic changes to the car and making it look like a new model; details of those is as follows:

1989 – 1991 – It was the time when this car was available with the name of Suzuki Alto; it was simple car available in choice of five colors to choose from which were White, Red, Beige, Light Green and Grey, a straight two spoke steering which was taken from first generation of Alto (also known as FX in some parts of world). Optional Air Condition was available since day one. Standard had no emblem however the one with factory air condition used to be called GA (Stands for Genuine Air Condition).

1991 – 1994 – In 1991 Suzuki Alto became Suzuki Mehran; the only change that was done at that time was the front number plate was shifted from center of bumper to a little right side towards the indicator light. Colors available were White, Red & Grey only. Mehran was also offered in Yellow color during 1992 – 1994 under the Prime Minister Taxi scheme.

1994 – 1999 – In 1994 Mehran received its first major facelift; the seats were changed into a 1 piece full seat without adjustable head rest; front radiator grill was painted to match the body color of car, steering wheel was changed to another two spoke steering which was taken from Suzuki Khyber. Between this times Mehran was offered in various colors in different times namely Pakistan Green, Baby Blue & Royal Blue were offered in Mehran at different times apart from the three colors previously available.

1999 – 2002 – In 1999 Mehran was renamed as Mehran Plus; this time the front radiator grill was re-designed and the old seats with a little modification came back with separate head rest; also for the first time fabric was used along with artificial leather in the seats and door panels. It is also the time when Mehran was introduced in metallic colors; colors available in Mehran Plus were White, Red, Metallic Grey and Metallic Green.

2002 – 2004 – In 2002 Mehran was given another make over where the indicator lights were shifted next to headlights and parking light was moved down in the bumpers, Suzuki trademark of bonnet opener on the hood (FX, Mehran & Khyber) was changed by conventional under the hood latch, Small molding and wheel covers (full tyre) were also added in this make over. Availability of Silver Metallic, Sky Blue Metallic, Maroon Metallic and Purple was also made available. The versions were renamed to match rest of Suzuki lineup with VX being standard version and VXR being Air Conditioned car. Factory fitted CNG was also offered for the first time in this setup.

2004 – 2012 – This was second major makeover for Mehran; headlights were replaced with clear lens crystal lights, bumpers were redesigned, indicator light was shifted back in the front bumper, radiator grill was redesigned, tail lights were replaced with clear lens indicator lights, dashboard was reduced from four ac vents to two ac vents in the center and the steering wheel was replaced by a two spoke steering wheel which was previously offered in Margalla and Cultus. In this time colors offered were; White, Silver (metallic), Maroon (metallic), Grey (metallic), Eminent Blue (metallic).

2012 – Present – In 2012 Mehran became EFi which was by adding a EFi kit on the existing engine; radiator grill was redesigned again and factory fitted CNG was discontinued till 2015 when it was reoffered for some time. Today Mehran comes with a standard immobilizer, USB mp3 player / radio, steering lock (yes that was also offered recently) and that’s pretty much about it. Color options available these days include white, grey, maroon & silver.

If I say that Suzuki Mehran is the national car of Pakistan then it will not be a wrong statement. I’m sure Mehran is the car which has served most of Pakistanis; there’s no other car which has been owned, driven or even used as passenger by Pakistanis more than Suzuki Mehran. We may call this car names; piece of junk, tin dabba and you may think this car is out dated but the truth is that Suzuki Mehran has been a part of our lives and we all have had memories associated with Mehran.


Suzuki Mehran comes with a 3 cylinder 796cc overhead cam engine which has an EFi kit installed to it since 2012. This car produces approximately 40hp with 59 nm torque. The engine is mated with a 4 speed manual transmission and a fuel tank capacity of 30 liters. The car has coil spring suspension in front and leaf spring suspension at the back.


Suzuki Mehran always came with two optional variants; 1 being without air-condition while other being with air-condition. There’s not much more than that that Suzuki mehran offers


Since its beginning Mehran has been available with optional Air Condition, that’s it; no more fancy stuff, this is plain and simple car to serve the purpose for most of Pakistanis to go from point A to point B. For over a decade Mehran was offered with the option of factory fitted Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in both standard and air conditioned version but when in 2012 Government banned factory fitted CNG due shortage of CNG, A lot of cars including Mehran were discontinued with the option of Factory Fitted CNG.

Recently some equipment was added to Suzuki Mehran which included immobilizer, USB mp3 player / radio, steering lock (yes that was also offered recently) and that’s pretty much about it


This is a small car with seating capacity of 4 adults. If you wish to make room for 5th adult then it isn’t a comfortable deal, the trunk space is also extremely less and you don’t get any storage compartments in the car apart from a small gloves compartment.

Turn Offs

This car has been in the market for last 29 years and still the company advertises this car with five selling points, one of which includes an air-condition. Yes air-condition is the selling point for a car in 2018. That itself is the biggest turn off

Fuel Economy

Pre-2012 with carburetor engine gives fuel economy of approx 10-11km / liter however with EFi engine the new one offers fuel average of approx 13 km // liter.

Test Drive

Mehran offers a decent pickup and handling however it doesn’t drive like anything we drive today. The car has weak brakes and the ride is very bumpy. Overall there’s not much to write about the ride quality apart from the fact that this is a car to use when travelling from point A to point B.


These days VX variant costs Rs.739,000/- while VXR costs Rs.795,000/- but if you’re in the market for a used one then you can find one for as low as Rs.150,000/- being an early production year model.


The reason for this car being in the market for all these years is that this car is easy on pocket. This isn’t a cheap car as the car costs a lot of money for what it offers but this is a car that is easy to maintain and manage which is why even after 29 years of production Pak Suzuki is still proudly making these.

Looks & styling – 2/10

This isn’t a good looking car but at the same time this isn’t the worst looking car either so the score is 2.

Features – 1/10

This is the lowest score a car can get in features and this car gets it for it offers next to no features.

Practicality – 5/10

Practically is good in this car with its easy handling and small sized body but then the lack of space for over 4 passengers bumps down the score to a 5.

Value for money – 4/10

This is the cheapest brand new car that one can buy in Pakistan but at the same time this car doesn’t offer much in terms of value for what it costs so even though this is the cheapest brand new car in Pakistan it still remains a very expensive car for the price you pay for it.

Easy to maintain – 10/10

You know maintaining the car won’t be an issue if its bumpers costs Rs.1000/- each and the headlights cost Rs.500/- each. Another thing worth mentioning here would be the fact that if you have a 1989 model Suzuki Mehran and you want it to look like 2018 model car then you won’t be spending over Rs.25,000/- to buy all the “facelift” items.

Resale – 10/10

This is a car that can sell in a matter of hours, Toyota Corolla could be a very close competitor of Mehran when it comes to resale value but I still feel Mehran would win over here.

Fun to drive – 3/10

The car has decent drive quality and its not the absolute worse but at the same time this isn’t a lot of fun to drive car either.

Comfort – 1/10

Leaf spring suspension makes the ride very bumpy and to top it off the small body size also plays a role in there. The comfort score can’t be lower than 1.

Quality – 4/10

It’s a cheap car which doesn’t offer good quality stuff and that just concludes here.

Total - 40/90

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