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This time we took 2007 model second generation Toyota Allion for a review which was provided with courtesy of Al-Rauf; one of the oldest & most reputable used car dealership in Karachi for both Japanese & locally used cars. This car is currently up for sale over there, you can follow their facebook page to check their entire inventory:


The brand name of Toyota Allion was introduced in 2001 to replace Toyota Carina which was offered from 1970 to 2001. Allion is a twin vehicle of Toyota Premio which was replaced Toyota Corona in 1996. Both Allion & Premio are exactly the same car except for their front & rear. Allion & Premio both are cars made specifically for Japanese domestic markets and wherever they are available have been sent as used Japanese cars. The international car is known as Toyota Avensis.

First generation Allion was introduced in 2001 which stayed till 2006 and this second generation was launched which is in production till date. This car received first facelift in 2010 and second in 2016. In the lineup of sedans offered by Toyota; Allion & Premio fall between Corolla & Camry.


It comes in three engine types 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 liter. In Pakistan the most common is 1.5 liter variant that we reviewed and 1.8 is also there but a little rare however I’m yet to see a 2.0 liter Allion here in Pakistan.

This Toyota Allion is powered by Toyota’s 1497cc 1NZ-FE VVTi engine. This engine produces 109hp at 136Nm torque. This car comes with a CVT transmission and has a fuel tank of 60 liter as standard.


There are 3 variants in this car. There’s A15 which is the base model then comes A15G and the top of line model is A15G plus package, all of these variants are offered in 1.8 & 2.0 engines as well except for A20 G package which isn’t offered. 2.0 liter is only offered as A20 & A20G plus package.


This is a feature heavy car, keyless push start & automatic climate control are standard features across all the variants and on top that if you opt for a higher trim variant then you can get extra features like powered seats, factory fitted DVD navigation system, multi function steering, suede etc. Leather seats are also offered as an option but that option is limited to 2.0 engines only. Other features that come standard include automatic vanity lights with sun visor vanity mirrors, telescopic tilt steering, all 4 auto power door windows etc.


This is an extremely comfortable car with space of 5 adults and on top of that you get a full trunk space which is quite large, apart from the space available in trunk if you need extra space then rear seats do recline in a 60:40 ratio which is very useful when trying to store extra luggage in the car.

Turn offs

Overall this car has everything that one may ask from a car however if you must go to find a turnoff or drawback in this car then all I can think about would be the soft suspension which is kind of delicate on our roads.

Fuel Economy

The car we tested was giving fuel average of 9km / liter but since it was a car parked at a showroom and not used for sometime the fuel average was low. Generally these cars have very good fuel economy which goes around 13-14 km / liter with air condition while driving in the city.

Test Drive

This car drives like a semi luxury car and for the price this is a lot of car for the money you spend. The car has good ground clearance, visibility & comfort. 5 adults can easily fit into the car. Handling & braking of this car is also very good. While accelerating the 1.5 liter engine doesn’t feel underpowered in any way making this car an overall good option.


If you are looking for an unregistered vehicle of this type then it would cost you over 4 million but it would be year of 2014-2015 however a car of 2007 like we reviewed costs somewhere between 1.8-2.0 million.


This car is a lot of car for the money you pay for it. You get all the features of a luxury sedan while the price is under 2 million making this car an optimal choice. Apart from price this car wears a Toyota badge which means this car enjoys decent resale & easier to maintain since the parts are cheap and readily available.

Looks & styling – 7/10

This is a debatable term but for me this car is very good looking (even better than its twin Premio) with those sharp lines and this car easily scores a 7.

Features – 7/10

This car has a lot of features but it does lack a few resulting in a total score of 7.

Practicality – 8/10

This car has room for 5 adults, folding rear seats with good fuel economy. All that makes this car extremely practical however it lacks a little something which is why this car ends up getting an 8.

Value for money – 8/10

Considering the price of this car this car is a lot of car for the money you spend resulting in a score of 8 here.

Easy to maintain – 6/10

This is where this car takes a little bump. While engine & suspension parts aren’t a problem but the exterior parts that are its unique parts aren’t as readily available as you can find that of any other Toyota which is why the car scores a 6.

Resale – 6/10

Being a Toyota this car enjoys good resale but it’s not a brand as established as a Premio or Corolla so the resale isn’t as high as those.

Fun to drive – 6/10

This car gives a fun filled driving experience but let’s face it; this isn’t a sports car level fun and then other variants of Allion with better engine would be a lot more fun than this one resulting a score of 6

Comfort – 7/10

This car doesn’t disappoint when talking about comfort as well. The car gives a smooth and comfortable drive making it a 7 in comfort zone.

Quality – 8/10

The car we reviewed is an 11 year old car which has been on the roads of Pakistan for last 6 years. Overall everything looks in its place. Except for minor upkeep it doesn’t feel that the car has detoriated or anything of the sort which only proves one thing that this car is made with good quality reliable material.

Total - 63/90

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