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This time we took a Suzuki Wagon R 2017 VXR variant (Pakistan assembled) for review.


Suzuki Wagon R has been in production in Japan since 1993. It falls in small Kei car category in Japan. When it was introduced in 1993, its shape was first of its kind with a tall roof and a small bonnet and a flat back. The car shape is still the same and its box-like look makes it more spacious. It is also one of the best-selling small cars in Japanese and other markets in Asia and Europe.

Pak Suzuki launched this car in Pakistan in April 2014 in three variants VX, VXR, and VXL. The most basic variant VX has been discontinued in 2016. The claim to fame for this car by Pak Suzuki is the K-series engine; which was introduced first time in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki. The pros of Suzuki K-series engines are fuel-efficiency, low carbon emission, high power at low RPMs to give more torque and noiselessness.


Wagon R is powered by K-series K10 engine which is 998cc producing 90nm at 3500 rpm. It comes with 5speed manual transmission with a 2WD drive system. The front wheels are installed with disc brakes where as the rear wheels have drum brakes. MacPherson strut suspension is used in the front while the rear has ITL suspension. The car comes with electronic power steering as a standard feature along with immobilizer & aircondition in both VXR & VXL variants. The fuel tank can store 35 liters of petrol.


When Wagon R was launched in 2014 it was offered in 3 variants where VX is the most basic variant which was discontinued in 2016, however, the VXR and VXL variants are still in production and are quite popular in the local market. Some of the features available in Wagon R variants are as follows:





Tire and Wheels


Center cap

Full wheel cap

Colored door handles




Power steering




Electric Windows (Front)




Central locking




Immobilizer Key




Security Alarm






The VXR Variant that we reviewed comes standard with air-conditioning & an electric power steering. Apart from that, there's a JVC single din CD player with Radio, AUX & USB option. In the higher trim variant VXL they do offer front 2 power windows along with remote control rearview mirrors, remote control key & a double din Clarian CD player. Recently in 2018 they have started offering VXL with company fitted alloy rims however that wasn't the case when we reviewed the car.


In terms of space, the car doesn't offer a big trunk, the rear seat can accommodate 2 adults with one child but 3 adults would be a tight fit. the doors open at about 90-degree angle which makes getting in & out of the car fairly easy. One advantage of this narrow body tall boy shape car is that when you fold the rear seats you can a lot of room for Cargo & luggage in the rear of the car however in that position the car can only accommodate 1 passenger with the driver.

Turn Offs

The overall shape of the car is mediocre, it doesn't look good, due to the body design of this car the ride quality is also bumpy.

Fuel Economy

Suzuki's K10 engine offers good fuel economy, the car provides with fuel average of approx 13km / liter with airconditioning which isn't close to the 660cc Japanese Kei cars but in this segment the fuel average is good.

Test Drive

This car has good torque, the initial pick of the vehicle is very good & the electronic power steering works like a charm to handle the car, the handling is also decent in this car. The tyres provided by Pak Suzuki however aren't of good quality and there's a lot of tyre noise when you drive the car. Also due to the narrow & tall design of the body there's a lot of body roll. Seats aren't very comfortable for a long journey & you do feel each bump & pot on the road.


The price is above one million rupees for both the variants. However, there are added features in the VXL model.






This car initially when it was launched in 2014 didn't make an impact in the market due to its different design however since it's a Suzuki product it took some time for people to accept the car. This is a small sized budget car and it doesn't offer a great deal and frankly one shouldn't be expecting it from a car of this segment.

Looks & styling – 2/10

This car is not a good looking car by any standard or measure & frankly, that isn't something the manufacturers keep in mind when designing a budget car

Features – 2/10

In the time of today, this car doesn't offer any basic feature at all, the only things bumping the score from 1 to 2 are immobilizer & electronic power steering.

Practicality – 7/10

Here the car gets good scoring, it’s a Suzuki product which makes it easy to maintain and sell and the folding rear seat make it easy to put luggage & we are talking about a lot of luggage in as well as the fact that this is a hatchback which is quick, so it’s really practical in city driving.

Value for money – 7/10

Tough this car doesn't offer a lot but with the current situation around this car still is one of the most affordable brand new cars giving it a good value for money.

Easy to maintain – 9/10

It’s a Suzuki Product; locally assembled which is why finding spares is very easy.

Resale – 8/10

Again it’s a Suzuki product which is locally assembled the only downside is the design which everyone doesn’t like.

Fun to drive – 5/10

The car offers good zip which gives it the score but the bumpy ride quality and body roll drops the score down to 5

Comfort – 2/10

This car is not comfortable.

Quality – 6/10

The car I reviewed was a 2-year-old car and still, everything was holding up in its place so I would say its decent quality but at the same time its all plastic which means the car offers mediocre stuff but that of decent quality.

Total - 48/90

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