Honda Civic 8th Generation AKA Reborn

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This time we took a Honda Civic’s 8th generation aka reborn for review.


Civic was initially launched as a sub-compact sedan back in 1972 which has now grown up to be a compact sedan since Honda City (aka Honda Fit Aria) took place of sub-compact sedan.

In Pakistan Honda started assembly of civic in 1994 with its fifth generation and unlike Toyota since the launch has never skipped a generation of Civic in Pakistani market. The car we reviewed was Eighth generation Honda Civic which was offered in Pakistani market from 2006 to 2012. The car came in two variants one being Civic ivtec and other Civic Oriel, luckily we were able to get our hands on both variants to show our users the differences between the two.


This generation of civic was offered with only one engine type that is Honda’s R18A1 which is 4 cylinders. This is a single overhead cam shaft iVTEC engine producing 139 hp with 174 Nm of torque. This was the first generation of Civic which was offered in 1.8 liter engine.


This car was offered in 2 major variants which are as follows:

IVTEC – This was the basic variant. The car came with standard wheel covers & a lowered grade music system compared to the higher variant. The car came as standard with beige interior with rear independent headrests. This car lacked retractable door mirrors but apart from that power steering, central locking, power windows etc were all standard in this variant. The optional features included leather seats, DVD navigation unit & manual or prosmatec transmission.

Oriel – This was the higher spec variant. This one was offered with retractable door mirrors, a better music system with CD changer, driver & passenger side airbags, sunroof, better seat fabric, side indicators were in door mirrors, front fog lights, remote control lock n unlock buttons in the key & alloy rims. The optional features included leather seats, DVD navigation unit & manual or prosmatec transmission.


The reason this Civic was called reborn was because this was the first civic which followed Civic’s new design philosophy. This was the generation which was significantly different from its predecessor. The car was too “modern” for its time, the semi digital instrument cluster, the overall design everything was ahead of its time making this car an instant hit.

This was also the first civic to come with front two airbags (Oriel variant only), the car offered a lot of equipment which has been discussed above in the variants tab.


This generation of civic was longer & wider compared to the previous one which means this Civic offered a lot of space for both front & rear passengers, during our test it was found that the car could accommodate five adults very easily without any hassle of the space.

Turn Offs

This generation of civic was loved by almost everyone and the car came with a very futuristic design however since there were so many things done in this car for the first time there was a chance of some errors happening, it was expected so this car faced a few mechanical issues like overheating (in some models) catalytic convertor getting choked after  being driven for 100,000 kms, airbags malfunctioning and the hydraulic power steering having a leakage issue but those issues didn’t discourage the buyers to buy this car infect the users love this car till date.

Fuel Economy

If being driven with a light foot this car can give fuel average of 8-9 km / liter.

Test Drive

The driving posture and the way everything is laid out is very comfortable from drivers prospective, the way the instrument cluster is divided in two portions you get the road, speed o meter & trip meter all in the line of sight. The car was the first Civic to come with longer A-Pillars so yes this car does have blind corner issue. The handling is very sharp and even though the car has a big sized body you don’t feel that while driving, the car feels very much in control while you’re driving.


This generation of Civic was offered from 2006 to 2012 which is six years so the price spectrum comes with a wide gap, the price of these start at around 1.0 million for an early model basic variant and goes for up to 1.6 million for the later models in higher trims and condition.

Market Competitors

This is a new section we are starting with this article, if you have about 1 – 1.6 million what other options do you have? Considering a person is looking for a sedan then they can get all the following cars instead of this one in this price range:

  1. Honda Accord CL7 & CL9
  2. Honda City (Current generation in Pakistan)
  3. Toyota Corolla 2008 – 2014
  4. Toyota Mark II Grande (2002-2005)
  5. Toyota Prius (2006-2010)
  6. Toyota Corolla Axio (2006 – 2012)
  7. Toyota Belta (2006 – 2014)

So these are the most common alternate options one can get in the price of Honda Civic Reborn if you’re looking for a second hand sedan.


This car was ahead of its time for when it was launched in Pakistan and today after 12 years since its launched this car still doesn’t feel old, infect if you park it next to a Civic 10th generation you won’t feel that the car is old or aged, this car looks like a car that has aged very gracefully, yes you don’t get LED lights or DRLs, cruise control etc, but this car somehow still manages to look young.

Looks & styling – 8/10

This car is without a doubt one of the best looking cars even by the standards of today. This would’ve easily scored a 10 back in 2006 but now we have seen cars better looking than this but this car still manages to score a decent 8 in terms of looks & styling.

Features – 6/10

The car offered a lot of decent features but it lacks a lot of features by modern standards so this car gets a 6 out of 10.

Practicality – 5/10

Practicality is good but not a strong suit considering the big size of the body it isn’t the best car to be driven in the traffic of cities where parking is also an issue. On top of that Civic has a softer suspension compared to Corolla thus the suspension may get damaged before a corolla if used on rugged terrain.

Value for money – 8/10

In my opinion this is a lot of car overall for the money you spend for one.

Easy to maintain – 6/10

It’s a local product and parts are easily available anywhere and they aren’t expensive either so maintaining one of these is fairly easy.

Resale – 6/10

Somehow the top level variant of Civic enjoys good resale compared to the lower trim variants, since we were reviewing both the variants so I would give a 7 to the Oriel but I won’t be able to give more than 5 to the ivtec on resale and that too because they both were automatic, had one of them been manual the scores would’ve been lesser. So the average score of resale for this generation would stand at 6.

 Fun to drive – 8/10

This car is a lot of fun to drive; you actually get to enjoy this car hands down.

Comfort – 8/10

This car is among the most comfortable cars of its age & price range.

Quality – 6/10

The quality of this civic was good the chrome and the grey paint in the interior trips has a tendency of falling off and also the steering faces a lot of wear even after being used for around 40,000 to 50,000 kms so the quality score is 6

Total - 61/90



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