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This time we took a Daihatsu Cast Style Package for review.


Daihatsu Cast is a newly launched vehicle by Daihatsu. It was first presented in 2015 in an auto show and went in production in 2016. This car is also known as Toyota Pixis Joy which came in the market around August 2016 onwards.

Cast is a 660cc Kei car offered by Daihatsu which is famous for offering many other Kei cars in Japanese market. Daihatsu itself is a subsidiary of Toyota Motors. While there are many other Kei cars offered by Daihatsu the significance of this particular car is that this one is a feature pack vehicle made for the feature conscious buyers.


This car comes with a Daihatsu’s KF-VE engine; this engine is the same as offered in Mira E:S and offers mild hybrid technology. The engine generates 51 hp at 60 Nm torque. The car comes equipped with a CVT transmission. The car is offered with a front wheel drive system.


There are three variants offered in Daihatsu Cast; Style Package, Activa & Sports package. Style package is most features packed “luxurious” trim of this car. Activa package comes with 4 wheel drive and is considered as a crossover SUV. The last one sports package is the high tuned package designed to attract performance loving buyers, sports package comes with a dual clutch 7 speed transmission with steering paddle shifters.


The car we reviewed was a Style package which is a feature packed car. This car offers everything offered in the cars of this segment and a little more. The car has automatic climate control, automatic door mirrors, push start, traction control, rain sensor, front radar etc as standard features. Towards the comfort the car has one of the most comfortable seats among all the cars of its class. When we address the safety features then again this car doesn’t shy away from anything that is needed from ABS EBD to Airbags.


Space has been utilized in this car very smartly. You get front bench seat with a front center arm rest in between that can collapse and come out when needed. Rear seats are a split of 50:50 which fold as well as move forward and backward allowing the passengers to use that space wherever they need it the most. If the space is needed in trunk then seats can move forward and if passenger room is required then those same seats can move all the way at the back.

Turn Offs

There are a few turn offs in this car when we consider it with respect to our country. This is a newly launched vehicle so the parts aren’t readily available, this car faces major ground clearance issue and the suspension is very soft so when driving on our roads you feel each and every bump.

Fuel Economy

While conducting our tests this car gave a fuel average of 19 km / liter with air-condition on which is not as good as that of Mira’s even though both the cars share same engine, the reason for that is this car is a little heavier compared to Mira.

Test Drive

Daihatsu Cast comes with a electric power steering, traction control, ABS & EBD so the quality of drive feels very stable and the car feels in control at all times. The pickup of this car was just like other 660cc cars that I’ve reviewed recently which means there’s not much to write home about since the car is slow. The visibility and handling of this car is very good and while driving it I could see why this car is such a success in Japan. The whole idea of a 660cc car is to take you from point A to point B, Daihatsu Cast does that in a lot more comfort than any other 660cc Kei car I’ve driven.


The current market price for one of these is around 1.3 million rupees however you won’t be able to find a car with proper auction report and the reason for that is this car is expensive in Japan as its newly launched with so many features so if someone tries to import one then it’ll cost over 1.5 mil for a car with proper auction report which kind of kills the whole point and why would someone pay that kind of money for this when you can get so many other options in same price range.


Daihatsu Cast is a very good addition to the Japanese 660cc car market with its nostalgic looks and so many features for the comfort of users. The drawback is the cars being imported locally at the moment are all mostly repaired and that kind of gives the car a shady past as we don’t know of all that the car went through before it became what meets the eye at the showroom. Solely based on this reason I won’t consider buying one of these because I don’t want to buy a damaged car nor do I wish to pay a price in which I can get a brand new city because a car with the proper auction report is not worth the money.

Looks & styling – 8/10

This is different for everyone some love the nostalgic looks of the car and others don’t find it pleasing, I personally feel the car looks good and very stylish with all that it has to offer. The interior, exterior everything looks good, I remember posting a photograph of its instrument cluster on my instagram and asking people which car they think this instrument cluster belongs to and people thought this belongs to some bigger luxury car.

Features – 9/10

This car offers a lot of features in its segment so it’s an easy 9 which could’ve been 10 if this car also had cruise control, sunroof & paddle shifters.

Practicality – 9/10

Practicality is another strong suit in this car and the biggest credit goes to the way space utilization is offered at the back, you can use that space as additional legroom by taking rear seats all the way at the back or a bigger trunk space by moving the rear seats forward.

Value for money – 4/10

This is where things take a turn, the car does seem very tempting at the price of 1.3 million but the fact that all the cars offered for this price are mostly damaged doesn’t work in favor of this car.

Easy to maintain – 4/10

While engine and suspension parts are easily available since it is a Daihatsu product the situation isn’t quite the same when it comes to body parts, since these cars weren’t imported in big numbers you may find it difficult to source its body parts, infect this car may be a nightmare to maintain in next few years as they get older & if it doesn’t get as common as a Mira.

Resale – 4/10

At this time this car has a decent resale however things will go down as the car gets old because the older it gets the harder it’ll be to maintain this car and then it’ll keep getting less and less desirable for buyers.

Fun to drive – 3/10

This car is made for commuting and this isn’t a car that targets people who want to enjoy their cars. It is a decent and very comfortable car however there’s only so much fun you can get out of a 660cc 3 cylinder mild hybrid engine.

Comfort – 8/10

Another strong suit in this car; this is by far the most comfortable 660cc car I’ve driven.

Quality – 6/10

The car is a high end 660cc Kei car and it is only offered with the good quality materials be it interior or exterior.

Total - 55/90

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