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This time we took a Mitsubishi RVR for review. The car was provided with courtesy of Al-Rauf which is one of the oldest & most reputable used car dealership in Karachi for both Japanese & locally used cars. This car is currently up for sale over there, you can follow their facebook page to check their entire inventory :


RVR stands for Reciational Vehicle Runner. Mitsubishi RVR in 1991 and at that time it was offered as a MPV the first generation stayed in production till 1997 and from 1997 to 2002 second generation RVR was offered that too as an MPV. In 2002 the production of Mitsubishi RVR was stopped only to resume 8 years later in 2010 but this time it was offered as a crossover vehicle since these crossover cars are all what people want nowadays.

First generation was offered in 1.8 & 2.0 liter engine options and then second generation was offered with 1.8, 2.0 & 2.4 liter petrol engines, now the third generation has a much wider range of options to choose from.

Mitsubishi as a brand has created many iconic cars however in the recent years however in my personal experience this brand has lost its position from where it was 20 years ago. In Pakistan the situation is a little different. Pakistani buyers are very much resale oriented buyers whenever buying a new car and the way Mitsubishi has been around didn’t help give the confidence to the buyers. In 1980s & 1990s Mitsubishi was loved by many and it was at par with Honda & Toyota in the 1980s but it started to fizzle out by mid 1990s. At that time World Wide Motors were the sole dealers of Mitsubishi in Pakistan but when the brand disappeared only to make its second comeback in 2004 under the banner of Dewan Mushtaq Motors. Dewan group had a few other brands too and they started local production of Mitsubishi but they also couldn’t sustain due to their internal issues and the brand once again did a wrap up in late 2000s. With the history like that buyers are generally skeptical towards buying a Mitsubishi product because they aren’t sure of the future of these cars in Pakistan. Even though this car is a used JDM imported to Pakistan by a private importer. The buyers aren’t very confident with these cars.


Mitsubishi RVR comes in 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 & 2.4 liter Petrol engines, you also have the options of Front Wheel or 4Wheel drive and it is available with 5 speed manual, 6 speed manual, 6 speed automatic & 6 speed CVT transmission.

The car we reviewed was 4 wheel drive car with 6 speed CVT transmission powered by Mitsubishi’s 1.8 liter 4J10 engine producing 136 hp & 172 Nm torque. This car offers a fuel tank capacity of 60 liters with all four ventilated disc brakes with MacPherson Strut suspension in the front while the rear has multi-link suspension. ABS etc come as a standard feature in this car.


Mitsubishi RVR comes with many features like traction control, AS&G (Auto Stop & Go – AKA mild hybrid), paddle shifters, push start engine button, remote control key and many more. There are a few things missing tough for eg automatic climate control which is essentially in every other crossover vehicle in competition of this one nowadays except for this one.


This car offers decent space in the front as well as the trunk which is a plus point when getting a crossover vehicle, one small issue tough; the leg room for rear passengers is somewhat compromised and you feel somewhat cramped there; other than that the space is very good.

Turn Offs

The car has a few turn offs; first one being the paddle shifters aren’t connected to the steering but to the steering column so when you turn the car the paddle shifters don’t move with the steering which can be annoying at times. Secondly the cramped leg space in the back isn’t something you would expect when spending such an amount for the car and last one is actually linked to Pakistani market which is non availability of parts everywhere.

Fuel Economy

During our tests the car gave around 8.5 liter / km with air-condition; 2 wheel drive and throughout on petrol and not engaging AS&G.

Test Drive

The car drives very sharp; it definitely handles and accelerates better than other Crossovers in this price range. Braking is also very good and the car doesn’t take a lot of effort to stop. Rear pillars are a little wide and that does compromise the rear visibility but apart from that you don’t have many blind spot issues in this car.


At the moment you can get an unregistered Mitsubishi RVR for around 2.8 million rupees and a registered one would cost around 2.5 million rupees which in my opinion is a very good price for a 1.8 liter crossover.


Overall the car offers a great package deal for someone looking for a crossover vehicle however this car doesn’t offer everything offered by the competitors and some of the features make the car look dated and old. Also Mitsubishi doesn’t enjoy the resale as good as Honda & Toyota which also works against this car.

Looks & styling – 7/10

Looks of Mitsubishi RVR may seem odd to some but the I feel the front of the car resembles Mitsubishi Evolution and Lance of its time and I find it very aggressive looking in a good way. The only reason this car doesn’t get higher than 7 is due to its rear which isn’t as good looking as its front.

Features – 5/10

Even though the car offers a lot of features there are many things lacking in this car like digital climate control, multi-function steering wheel, paddle shifters stick to the steering etc. These are the basic things people expect from a Japanese car of this price

Practicality – 5/10

Mitsubishi RVR is extremely practical with all the cargo space however the 1.8 liter engine means lower fuel economy which knocks down the score to a 5.

Value for money – 5/10

This car offers good value for money considering the fact that this car is a few hundred thousand less than other similar cross over vehicles but I strongly feel Nissan Juke offers a much better value for money.

Easy to maintain – 4/10

Finding parts of these cars locally isn’t very easy because there aren’t many people who stock the spares for these. At times the owners even go through the pain of having to import the spare parts themselves since they aren’t available anywhere in the local market.

Resale – 3/10

Unfortunately these cars don’t enjoy good resale due to the face that they aren’t very common, previously I gave 4 to Daihatsu Esse which suffers the same issue but this one gets a 3 which is even lower than Esse because in the price range of 2 mil plus people are more skeptical of spending their money on a out of market car.

Fun to drive – 7/10

Fun factor is strong with this car; these cars are a lot of fun to drive thanks to the 8” ground clearance with the 1.8 liter engine the car accelerates fast and the high ground clearance meshed with 4 wheel drive option gives this car good on road & slight off-road edge so it is a good option looking to enjoy their ride.

Comfort – 7/10

This car is comfortable without a doubt; the seats are good and hold you in the spot. The only thing dropping the score a little would be lack of legroom in the rear seats.

Quality – 7/10

Mitsubishi cars have always offered good quality and this car is no different than other, the car feels solid and sturdy with good quality material used both in exterior and interior.

Total - 50/90

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