Toyota Corolla 2012 XLi Limited Edition Review

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This time we took a Toyota Corolla 2012 XLi Limited Edition for review.


Toyota Corolla is a sub compact sedan launched by Toyota in 1966 and by 1974 Corolla became the bestselling car worldwide. In the last 52 years millions of Corollas have been sold worldwide. It is one of the most common cars around the world.

The car we took out for review today was a E140 series Corolla which is 10th generation corolla, this car was first introduced in 2006 which entered Pakistani market in 2008 and stayed in production till 2014 in Pakistan. This car received one facelift in 2011 during its term between 2008 to 2014. The car we reviewed was a 2012 facelift model.

This variant of Xli is the basic variant which comes with the bare minimum essentials, this was first introduced in 2002 with the launch of 9th generation Toyota Corolla and since then it has stayed exactly the same. There are only two color options offered in Xli which is white & black however during all the years they have offered a Limited Edition Xli from time to time and this Limited Edition is offered with a choice of metallic colors to choose from.


This car comes with Toyota’s 4 cylinder 2NZ-FE engine which is a dual VVTi 1300cc engine generating 84 horse power with 121 Nm torque. This variant of Corolla is only offered with a 5 speed manual transmission. It is a front wheel drive vehicle.  In 2012 when government instructed all the automobile manufacturers to comply with Euro II emission standards this corolla was given a catalytic converter to meet the requirements.  The car has a fuel tank capacity of 55 liters.


This generation of Corolla was offered in 4 engine types and each engine had various variants.

1.3 Petrol – 2008 – 2014 – This engine type was offered in two variants, Xli which is the basic variant and GLi which is the semi loaded variant. Both of these only came with manual transmission.

1.8 Petrol – 2008 – 2011 – The top of line variant of Corolla known as Altis was offered with a 1.8 liter engine and the car was divided into 4 different variants. Altis, Altis Crusetronic, Altis Sunroof & Altis Sunroof Crusetronic

1.6 Petrol – 2011 – 2014 – The top of line variant of Corolla (Altis) had a change of engine in 2011 when the facelift was offered. The Altis manual received a 6 speed manual transmission while the transmission of automatic was 4speed ECT automatic which was downgraded from triptronic in 1.8 liter. Also a 5th variant was introduced in this engine type namely 1.6 GLi Auto.

2.0 Diesel 2008 – 2011 – This was Toyota’s 2000cc diesel engine which was discontinued in 2011. Diesel engine was offered in 3 variants, a basic 2.0D which was basically an Xli with Diesel Engine & a 2.0D Saloon which was a loaded variant with all the accessories, the optional sunroof in 2.0D Saloon was also treated as a different variant.


Being the basic variant, Corolla Xli is only offered with electronic power steering, remote control door mirrors, telescopic steering wheel, air-condition & an MP3 cd player. There’s nothing else in-terms of equipment offered in Corolla Xli


This car has good space to fit in 5 adults comfortably and after that the trunk is also decently sized which can easily hold two big bags and one small bag. Whenever I review a car my biggest concern is of rear seats as most of the manufacturers put all the effort in the front seats but little to no effort is put into the designing and space planning for rear passengers. This car offers decent room for the passengers sitting at the back and you get enough room for three adults.

Turn Offs

The biggest turn off in Corolla Xli is the lack of equipment. Currently a brand new Xli costs around 1.8 million and when this car was offered brand new it costed around 1.3 million but they offer little to none in terms of equipment and that’s the biggest turn off.

Fuel Economy

During our test drive the car gave fuel average of 13.5 liter per km which was tested with a light foot and with air condition.

Test Drive

The car offered a comfortable & smooth drive; the suspension is very rugged and reliable. The cooling of air-condition was also very good. There were very few blind spots and even with the 1.3 liter engine the car didn’t feel underpowered when accelerating, Xli lacks ABS brakes due to which the braking wasn’t that good and that is surely something lacking in this car. Based on personal prior experience I would like to say that this car is comfortable for upto a 100 kms after which the seats start feeling uncomfortable.


A tenth generation corolla XLi costs somewhere between 1.0 million to 1.5 million depending on the condition, year & where in Pakistan you’re buying the car from.


Toyota Corolla Xli is commercially used by cabs and car rentals in Pakistan. The reason of doing that is this car offers them the best, it is a decently sized sedan with a badge everyone recognizes and at the same time this car doesn’t have a lot of electronics to break when using commercially. That is what the car is about, it’s a simple car which is reliable, nothing fancy.

Looks & styling – 7/10

For some this car may look very out dated but I personally like the squarish body styling of this car. This kind of reminds me of the EE90 Corolla that was offered from 1987 to 1992 but then that’s just me, I really like the looks of this car and I feel this car has aged very decently.

Features – 2/10

Xli is a basic strip down variant of Corolla; where the world has reached cars that can park themselves and what not we have this Xli where you don’t even get as much as power windows or central locking so this car gets a 2 when it comes to features.

Practicality – 6/10

Corollas are extremely reliable cars with availability of parts worldwide making it one of the most reliable vehicles globally however in Pakistan we have traffic & parking issues and in that situation I feel it’s a little impractical to drive a sedan in the congested areas resulting in the practicality being bumped down to 6 from a otherwise 10 score.

Value for money – 5/10

This car is expensive in terms of value for money when you see what you’re getting verses what you’re paying but at the same time these cars hold their value very strong with little to no depreciation resulting in a

Easy to maintain – 7/10

Corolla is one of the most common cars globally so maintaining these anywhere is no issue at all. The situation is no different in Pakistan, here maintenance is cheap as the labor doesn’t cost a lot and these cars were sold in such big volumes that parts availability is never an issue which is the reason we still see Corollas from 70s still going strong.

Resale – 9/10

Again being a car loved by all this car enjoys very good resale, infect in Pakistan people have this mindset where they feel the smaller engine of Corolla is better resulting the resale value of 1.3 liter variants to be better than 1.6 or 1.8 liter variants.

Fun to drive – 5/10

This is a commute car and not intended for those looking for a thrill but at the same time this isn’t a complete disaster to drive, the car handles well and drives smoothly. While the acceleration isn’t the best it certainly isn’t the worst either. While the fun factor isn’t too strong it isn’t that bad either.

Comfort – 5/10

This car is comfortable when you’re driving it for your day to day usage however it gets uncomfortable when going for intercity travelling.

Quality – 7/10

Toyota Corolla is again a name known for a quality vehicle, while the materials used aren’t of premium quality. The car comes with mediocre quality but the stuff offered is reliable & doesn’t ware off that easily.

Total - 53/90

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