Nissan Otti / Mitsubishi EK Wagon Review

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Today we took second generation 2010 model Nissan Otti for a test drive.


Nissan Otti is a compact automobile originally manufactured for the Japanese market and falls under Kei car category which is a Japanese class of small cars. The car was first introduced by Mitsubishi Motor company under the name of Mitsubishi eK wagon in 2001.eK Wagon was a predecessor to Mitsubishi Minica. Since 2005, Nissan Motor Company has been selling the rebadged version of the same car called ‘Nissan Otti’ in the Japanese market.

Originally the car was manufactured by Mitsubishi Motor Company and a number of rebadged Nissan Otti cars were delivered to Nissan until 2013, and in 2014 Otti was replaced by Nissan Dayz, Nissan Dayz Highway Star and Nissan DayzRoox. This car was never offered as a brand new car in Pakistan. All the cars be it this or the current generation were imported to Pakistan as used cars.


Nissan Otti is a 3-cylinder petrol vehicle with a 657cc engine with or without Turbo in the later variants of Nissan Dayz and Nissan Dayz Highway Star. The two variants of the car are the different engine types. The non-turbo engine generates 50 HP and the turbo variant generates 64 HP. The car comes in both manual and automatic transimission: 5 speed manual, 3 speed automatic and 4 speed automatic transmission.


We don’t get a  lot of variants of Nissan Otti here; most of the cars imported here are FL package which offer decent features in comparison to other cars in similar price bracket.


This car is decently equipped with features with standard power windows, central locking, remote control retractable door mirrors etc give the user a slight feel of how luxury may feel like. On top of that this car also comes standard with anti lock breaking system (ABS) and SRS airbags to offer the much needed safety along with the luxury. The car we reviewed also had heated front seats, now that isn’t a common feature in cars of its class when this car was first offered but nonetheless this car had heated front seats.


Front seat is a full bench seat; you raise the armrest and it becomes a full bench seat. The back seat has ample room as well. However, fitting 3 adults in the back seat would be a problem. One more plus for the car is that both the back seats are recline-able and can be adjusted as per your convenience. Trunk of the car is small, but you can stack more luggage in by folding the rear seats of the car.

Turn Offs

The car isn’t a good looking car and that is a major turn off with this car, the car resembles with the cars offered in 90s era even though this car started coming in early 2000s but the straight lines of lights & body aren’t something that entered the new millennium. On top of that the centrally placed speed o meter isn’t something I personally like. The car lacks power which results in a boring kind of driving experience.

Fuel Economy

The car gave approx 15 km per liter with air-condition on during our test

Test Drive

Cars like these aren’t the cars you buy if you’re into the thrill of speed or want a car that is a lot of fun to drive. I always say that cars like these are built to take you from point A to point B and that’s the job they do. Due to the size of the body it is very convenient to handle this car within city however; speed isn’t something you should be looking for. When you turn on the air-conditioner the car would get even slower because of the air-condition load on the small 660cc engine.


The price of JDM car varies on grade levels. A good care should cost between Rs.700K to Rs.850K


Not all the cars that come to Pakistan from Japan are a success story, this boxy little car unfortunately will be among the ones which won’t get the lime light. The drawbacks here include brand name of Nissan which isn’t in the favorite brand names when it comes to used Japanese cars and on top of that the tall n narrow body shape of the car isn’t preferred by many; buyer of this car is someone who’s price conscious however in few years the availability of parts will cease to exist and this car would seen on the roads like other similar cars with makeshift spare parts, the prime example of that is Daewoo Racer with parts of Toyota Corolla AE100

Looks & styling – 5/10

Coming to the exterior; this car is not a good looking car by any standard or measure & frankly, that isn't something the manufacturers keep in mind when designing a budget car however the interior isn’t that bad actually; the interior is kind of good looking.

Features – 5/10

This car offers decent features for its class in this price range.

Practicality – 7/10

Practicality of this car is high all thanks to the small body size and good fuel economy with its 660cc engine.

Value for money – 5/10

This car offers good value for money but unfortunately all the concerns involved with the future of this car the value for money factor drops to a 5

Easy to maintain – 3/10

These cars are only imported in a handful numbers so considering that in mind the parts aren’t readily available everywhere resulting in a difficult resale value.

Resale – 3/10

This is an imported Nissan which isn’t imported in big numbers. Few years back Nissan was locally manufacturing Nissan Sunny in Pakistan; today a 1998 model locally assembled Nissan Sunny costs three hundred thousand rupees while a corolla or civic from that era costs close to six hundred thousand rupees. All the three cars were once considered rivals and were priced very closely when brand new. That is the situation after 20 years of a locally built Nissan; now how can the resale of this imported Nissan be any better?

Fun to drive – 3/10

As stated earlier this isn’t a car one would buy to enjoy the ride; this is a small engine passenger car which only takes you from point A to point B. That’s all the fun you can get in this car.

Comfort – 4/10

The car is decently comfortable for a local journey however don’t expect miracles when you’re using the car for longer durations.

Quality – 6/10

Again being a Japanese car quality is a strong suit in this car. Take example of those unconventional cup holders. Even after being used for over 8 years they are still holding their place. The material used is plastic and not some premium material but the plastic used is of good quality.

Total - 41/90

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