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This time we took a Suzuki Swift 2017 DLX variant (Pakistan assembled) for review


Swift / Cultus is Suzuki’s mid-size hatchback which initially came with a 1000cc Petrol engine. The first generation of this car was introduced in 1983 and it stayed in production till 1988 (in our market that car is commonly known as Suzuki Khyber). The second generation was then introduced and it stayed in production till 2003 (in our market that car is commonly known as Suzuki Cultus)

This third generation was launched in 2004 and at that time the brand of Cultus was globally discontinued. Globally this car was discontinued in 2010 but in Pakistan, this was launched in 2010 and is still in production.


Swift is powered by a 4 cylinder 1328cc Suzuki M13A EFi engine which produces 114nm at 4000rpm. The car comes with options of 4 speed automatic or 5-speed manual transmission to choose. Front wheels have ventilated disc while the rear wheels have drum, leading & trailing brakes, this car does offer ABS brakes with Electronic Brake Distribution. Suspension in front is MacPherson strut & coil spring along with Torsion beam & coil spring suspension in the back. Fuel tank of swift can bear 43 liters of petrol.


When Swift was launched in 2010 it was initially offered in 1 single variant which was later named DLX in 2011 when Swift DX was launched. DX was the lower grade of Swift which lacked Alloy Rims, ABS / EBD, front foglights and matching door handles. In 2012 automatic transmission was also introduced as an option restricted to Swift DLX only. In 2013 optional DVD / Navigation was also introduced in Swift DLX variant however in 2017 when Pakistan Suzuki Launched its second generation Suzuki Cultus (known as Suzuki Celerio internationally) they had to discontinue the DX variant along with non-navigation DLX to create space for the newly launched Cultus. Today Swift is only offered with Navigation and with the options of automatic & manual transmission to choose from.



This car comes standard with fog lights, electronic powered door mirrors, 15” alloy rims with Yokohama 185/60/R15 tires, central locking and remote control keyless entry with immobilizer. The interesting feature there is when you press the unlock button once only the driver side door is unlocked but when you press the same button twice all 4 doors are unlocked. The car comes standard with 4 speakers one in each door and a 2 din music system where Navigation is optional but USB, CD, Aux etc are standards in both head-units. 


When you sit in the front seat you don’t feel cramped but the space is decent however when you move to the rear the situation isn’t the same as front, while front seats are reclined all the way back you don’t have a lot of legroom at the rear, headroom is still decent tough. In terms of seating capacity even tough Paki Suzuki claims the car can fit in 5 passengers I personally feel its good for 4 adults with 1 kid at max, if we try to put 3 adults in the rear they would be tightly fitted.

The rear seat is a split of 60:40 so if you have to carry luggage then it isn’t that big a problem. Also in the trunk itself, there’s a tray which is given at the level of car’s rear bumper top to easily put in & take out some stuff however if you want some dept then you can get that by removing that rear trunk tray.

Turn Offs

Since the car was launched in 2004 for the world when you sit in the cabin today after 14 years you instantly feel there are things that this car lacks, for instance when you look at the instrument cluster you instantly feel that it's dated. The way everything is laid out and especially the digital part, it only shows trip A trip, B along with ODO meter of the car which doesn’t feel enough in the times of today. Also, there’s a clock in the center of the dashboard which doesn’t feel it belongs to today. Both the sun visors lack vanity mirror which is pretty standard in today’s time.

Apart from inside the cabin also the doors weren’t closing properly and the car we reviewed was only 7,000 kms driven, the door closing at a major issue. Last thing was the high mount stop lamp at the trunk door, it had one small rubber piece in it, there is no function of that rubber piece but the sole reason of that being there is to cover a hole. This same car was offered with a rear wiper but when they were making it for Pakistan they did do some cutting corners and in that the rear wiper was removed. Now instead of making the rear stop lamp cover especially for the cars without rear wiper Pak Suzuki only placed that rubber cork in there to cover the hole, that doesn’t look professional at all.

Last thing that since the car’s engine is 1328cc which is a little over 1300cc so all the taxes & duties fall under 1500cc tax bracket slab which makes the registration & annual tax a little more expensive compared to a regular 1300cc car.

Fuel Economy

During our tests the manual transmission Swift in the city gave around 11km / liter with air-condition however the automatic transmission car only gave about 8.5km / liter with air-condition

Test Drive

The car is decently equipped and the power the engine generates is very good for the size / weight of this body so the car has very good pick-up also the ABS & EBD provides you with the confidence of having control over the car however the visibility isn’t very good when it comes to rear. Front visibility is decent but that’s not the case in rear.


At the time of submission of this article Suzuki Swift is priced at:

DLX Manual – PKRs.1,405,000/-

ALX Auto – PKRs.1,541,000/-

Withholding tax is to be added on top which for a income tax filer is Rs.50,000/- and for a non filer is Rs.100,000/-



This car is still liked by all but let’s face-it this car isn’t all that great, after-all its 14 year old design and all the looks seem quite dated now, also the fact in the time and age of internet everyone has seen the newer generations of Swift so we all know what we aren’t getting. Cultus (Celerio) is a car one step below Swift and looking just at the instrument cluster of Cultus one gets so much more data while Swift only displays ODO Meter, Trip A & Trip B, all of that makes you feel that the car is quite old even if you get brand new. The biggest plus is the car alloy rims and wheels which I feel are among one of the best available in market. Here’s how I would score the car in few of the things.

Looks & styling – 6/10

The car does look okay but you can’t call it the best looking car in its segment because with so many Japanese cars coming in the competition is tough and you do get a lot better looking hatchbacks in same price bracket.

Features – 4/10

The car offers good features but there are a lot of things that aren’t just there and you can get those in similar price bracket if you look at other options.

Practicality – 7/10

Here the car gets good scoring, it’s a Suzuki product which makes it easy to maintain and sell and the 60:40 split seats make it easy to put luggage in as well as the fact that this is a hatchback which is quick, so it’s really practical in city driving.

Value for money – 5/10

This car doesn’t score too good here because it doesn’t offer a lot for the price that you spend for the car.

Easy to maintain – 9/10

It’s a Suzuki Product; locally assembled which is why finding spares is very easy.

Resale – 7/10

Again it’s a Suzuki product which is locally assembled the only downside is the 1300cc engine which everyone doesn’t want in a hatchback.

Fun to drive – 8/10

The manual variant has a lot of zip which makes it a lot of fun to drive.

Comfort – 5/10

The car is comfortable with 4 independent headrests and decent seating space for 4 people but again for the same amount of money you can get a car which is more comfortable than this.

Quality – 4/10

Quality of this car is questionable since the launch specially the interior, I’ve seen several cars which have their interior fabric coming out from its place, the lid on air-condition vent getting loose so the quality of material used is infect questionable.


Total - 55/90

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